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it is not depression
but the edge of happiness that
makes my heart turn gray
and start to crumble
until there is nothing left
it is being so close,
having a light within reach,
but not believing that
it truly is close enough,
or that i even deserve it
i do not trust myself
to grasp at it and not fall,
because i am so afraid of
and it's an
awfully long way to the ground
and so i do not try.
i let myself be swallowed
by darkness and misery
and i think:
"at least i'm not falling,"
but maybe this is worse.
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question 1: what is the probability -
the words blur and my
pencil drops.
is this what it's like
to remember my name, 
and awaken?

no, probaBILITY.

what is the probability
of someone like you
loving me?
hold on a minute,
i think i can
figure it out.
should i multiply by five? 
oh, no, i carry the one.
that isn't right. what about square roots?
must be the order of operations.
wait, if i add this, then i wind up with this!
maybe subtraction will work.
coordinates. it's gotta be coordinates.
nope, guess not. 
i think i'll just
skip over this and keep going.
question 2: if a train leaves the station at four o'clock -
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Snow Cat by Turtledove21 Snow Cat :iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 11 5
the hero always gets the girl
The little fellow stood before the 
assembled crowd, who had come only to
view his failure. 
"What I have is a masterpiece," 
he exclaimed, fluttering about
like a trapped hummingbird.
"I'll believe that when I see it," said the producer.
"You lie!" The director cried.
"Oh, do get it over with, won't you?" sneered the actor.
"Don't listen to them. I'm sure 
it will be lovely," the secretary whispered, 
as the film flickered to life on the screen.
The very picture of poverty
walks calmly over the tops
of perfect gray boxcars.
He does not care about money,
only where he will sleep tonight,
and where he will sleep tomorrow.
He falls, but that's alright.
The ground catches him beautifully,
and all is well again.
Picking himself up,
he dusts himself off like he had 
a million instead of one.
Then along comes the girl.
Of course, there has to be a girl.
There is always a girl.
Nothing has happened between them,
and yet he loves her already,
because they two a
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 7 2
Twisted Reality
I never wanted this
to be my own
twisted reality.
A romance made of
bubble-wands and
off-key serenades.

I can't breath,
wrapped around your
manipulative finger.
Third finger, left hand,
which will never, ever bear
a wedding ring.

I am a captive,
chained to the cold walls
of my eternal prison.
Your heart is impossible
to enter, but more so
to escape from.

I never wanted this
to be my own
twisted reality.
A romance made of
nothing but lies,
by which I am forever bound.
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 6 0
That's what it takes
She awkwardly
applies mascara,
getting some in her eye.
She carefully
puts on lip-gloss,
gagging at the taste.
Because that's what it takes
to be pretty
she thought.
She swishes
down the hallway,
smiling flirtatiously.
She winks at all the boys,
her eyelids dripping mascara,
believing she is drop-dead gorgeous.
Because that's what it takes
to make him want me
love me,
she thought.
While he is wondering
whatever happened
to that girl
he used to know.
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 3 5
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Missing: One Heart
i lost my heart in third grade
It ran away while I was
slaving over what
seven times eight is
how to tie my shoes.
I didn't notice as you were
chasing it
down the halls
around the playground.
you brought it back to me
I told you to keep it,
since I would only
lose it again
misplace it.
So you tucked it away,
next to
bubblegum wrappers
pokemon cards.
it broke
"I didn't mean to"
you said as I
swept up the shards
threw them out.
It didn't matter though;
a heart can't be fixed
with Scotch tape
Elmer's glue.
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 14 8
Zeppo by Turtledove21 Zeppo :iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 8 2
Why am I still here?
You don't control me.
Maybe everyone else
grovels at your feet,
but I don't.
I owe you nothing,
so why are you still here?
I am just a last resort
you are content to kick away.
You think you know me -
go ahead, use my fears.
They have long since faded,
much like yourself.
Maybe everyone else
adores you,
but I don't.
So why am I still here?
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 4 7
Taped Romance
If you stopped me,
here and now,
I'd tell you how
I want to rewind.
For us to be actors,
with a taped romance.
So what if it's corny?
At least it would be something.
To rewrite the script,
so that anything I ever said
or did to hurt you
would all be a dream.
I want to tell you
everything you mean to me
and how I couldn't bear to lose you
especially now.
But first,
we would have to meet.
And I don't think the script calls for that.
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 12 8
Frog.... by Turtledove21 Frog.... :iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 7 2
i guess it was just me
I guess it was just me,
all those times I imagined.
(fooled myself)

When stars wrote your name,
I must have been dreaming.

Forgive my heart;
it can be wrong.
(like you)

I fall asleep thinking of you
but in the end, I am alone.
:iconturtledove21:Turtledove21 13 8
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United States
Why...hello there. :groucho:

I'm Katie, and this is where I prove to the world that I have no skill whatsoever :)

Go check out FloralFlower and Wasure. They're both talented, super-nice people :heart:

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So I realized I hadn't written anything since the start of school, and I figured I should freshen up my page just a bit. Anyways, this journal will be completely pointless and random, so you don't even have to bother reading it.

School sucks. I hate it so much. End of story.

We have a new horse now. His name is Colorado (not like the state, no. Think Ricky Nelson in Rio Bravo), and he's such a sweetheart. I love him... but I'd still rather have a bird than all these horses Mother keeps bringing home. Because after my last encounter with a horse... well, let's just say you're never gonna see me riding a horse ever again.

God, I am so tired. At least it's Friday, and I can kind of sleep in tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend, everyone, and remember to keep those families down in Connecticut in your minds and hearts :heart:

~ Kaity


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